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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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About Us

Our philosophy of providing the highest-quality, ethically- sourced clothing to a discerning,
refined, yet maverick customer-base has struck a chord.


We are not fake. We don’t make fakes. We make well-crafted garments with a twist. We are dreamers and leaders, rebellious and wise. It’s a clever nod, a sly wink, a knowing smile that says I’m fashionable but I’m not a blind follower.

Snide’s customers stand out from the crowd. They are members of a select gang that mixes freely in the real world but are able to cock a snook at the mainstream and who recognise each other as just that bit different.

Our ethical credentials are second to none. Snide London actively promotes sustainability and an environmentally enlightened approach.

Show The Word

It started with the purchase of a £500 fake Breitling watch in China. The watch was intended to amuse rather than fool but, at the same time, was still a high-quality timepiece. One day that watch told its wearer it was the 41st of January.

That started a conversation and an idea was born. Even the most premium copied items from the Far East can feature unintentional mistakes because of different cultures and language.

All our designs feature a small, and often very subtle mistake that will only be noticed by an intelligent observer. Snide’s customers care about how they look and what others think of them but are keen to show that world they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are sophisticated but with a keen sense of humour.

With a nod to our London heritage, a number of our designs feature a darker, twisted sensibility as a fake in London is known as a Jekyll. Jekyll and Hyde = Snide in cockney rhyming slang.


The word “snide” can have negative connotations but we are not “snidey.” Our “Snide” doffs its cap to youthful cynicism and rebellion but also to the art of self-deprecation and irony. We have reclaimed the word to represent something to be proud of, both innovative and bold while quirky and non-conformist.

Snide is witty and quirky, edgy and rebellious. We are sardonic rather than sarcastic but always with a liberal, cosmopolitan bent.

We don’t shout, we know. And, if you don’t get us, we don’t care, we just don’t want you as a member!