Our Story – Snide London

“Is that a Snide?”

“Why yes it is; and doesn’t it look great.”

Snide’s director, Rob K was returning from his myriad travels, this time from China. He decided to treat himself to a new watch. It led to the creation of the perfect brand for the zeitgeist of 2020.

An idea was born

Rob paid £500 for a “Breitling Aviator”. He knew it was a copy but he also knew that a £500 watch in China would be of the highest quality. A couple of months later, and back in the UK, he was somewhat taken aback to see his watch informing him the date was the 41st of January!

An idea was born. Snide is aimed at customers who care about how they look, enjoy spending money on superior brands, and yet are keen to let the world know they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are sophisticated but have a sense of humour and a sense of irony.