About Sinde – Snide London

Our philosophy

Our philosophy of providing the highest-quality, ethically- sourced clothing to a discerning, refined, yet maverick customer-base has struck a chord. Our items are individually designed and tailor-cut. Snide’s UK-manufactured polo shirts are crafted out of 100% organic cotton and are knitted in a traditional fabric mill in the heart of England.They are dyed using eco-friendly methods, low azo dyes, and minimal water. They are GOTS certified. GOTS is a certification that covers the organic origin of fabrics and also the welfare of workers all the way down the supply chain. Our UK-made t-shirts are 100% organic cotton interlock. We use a local printer that’s been run by the same three friends for 30 years. Our casual shirts are also made in the UK from 100% Oxford Cotton with a basket weave construction and are heavier than most poplins.

Other items in our range are ethically sourced from Pakistan. The t-shirts are cotton jersey, the polos are pique cotton, and the formal shirts are a classic poplin weave. All fabrics are woven in-house and we have full control over the ethical practises.Raw material comes from local farms and we do not to use any synthetic materials. Dyes used are Azo free. Water is recycled to the best of our ability. All workers are paid above the average wage for the area, up to 250% in some cases.

To see the full details of our modern slavery statement, please visit https://snidelondon.co.uk/modern-slavery-statement/



The British are world-renowned for their sartorial elegance, a desire for fairplay, and an irreverent sense of humour. Snide combines all three. Our clothes are characterised by being 100% organic cotton, many knitted in UK-based fabric mills. They have unique detailing, world-leading hand-drawn graphics, tailored-fits and are inspired from a classic British heritage.